ginger+sunshine is a growing community of people who are improving their quality of life by eliminating chemicals from their homes and supporting their bodies using Young living essential oils.

Our mission is simple.

helping families live chemical-free, healthy lives. 

Why is it important to eliminate toxins, support your bodies ability to stay well with young living essential oils & switch out your current household and personal care products for better, safer options? 

Did You Know?

Since 1950, at least 70,000 new chemical compounds have been invented and dispersed into our environment. Only a fraction of these have been tested for human toxicity. We are, by default, conducting a massive clinical toxicology trial, and we have become the experimental animals.

(Source: Herbert L. Needleman, M.D., Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., Raising Children Toxic Free)

50% of all illness is due to poor indoor air quality     

(Source: 1989 State of Massachusetts Study)

Women who work in the home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women who work outside of the home.

(Source: 17- year EPA study)

Of the chemicals found in personal care products: 

884 are toxic  |  146 cause tumors  |  218 cause reproductive complications |  778 cause acute toxicity  |  314 cause biological mutations  |  376 cause skin and eye irritations

(Source: United States House of Representatives Report, 1989)

150 chemicals found in the home are connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders.

(Source: Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) & Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Out of 2,435 pesticide poisonings in a one-year period, over 40% were due to exposure to disinfectants and similar cleaning products in the home.

(Source: State of California Study)

In one decade, there has been a 42% increase in asthma (29% for men, 82% for women). The higher rate for women is believed to be due to women’s longer exposure times to household chemicals.

(Source: Center for Disease Control)

Today, children have chemical exposures from birth that their parents didn’t have until they were adults. Because children are exposed to toxins at an earlier age than adults, they have more time to develop environmentally triggered diseases, with long latency periods, such as cancer.

(Source: Environmental Policy and Children’s Health, Future of Children, Summer/Fall 1995; 5(2): 34-52)

Due to the increase in toxic buildup in our bodies, including the toxic buildup of formaldehyde, dead bodies are not decomposing as fast as they used to. 

(Source: National Institutes of Health)

those statistics are real and just not okay!

hundreds of these chemicals are banned in other countries.  

You decide what you bring into your home!

Eliminating the cause of the environmental illness is more effective and much less expensive than treating the symptom.

WE’d love to help you get started and show you how to live a chemical-free, healthy life!